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My doggy has found her kindred spirit!

It happened once before when our neighbors took in a stray. Alas, that dog ended up being more than anybody bargained for. It has been several months and my sweet Leah still seems to be looking for her old friend.

Last week we met “Baily” at a big adoption event. She is about the same size and in-your-face-friendly level as our dog. The SPCA said she was 9 months old and too energetic for her foster family’s dog. I told them she is a bit bigger than I am looking for, but I might contact them in a few days to see if she is available.

This morning I took my daughter and dog to meet with Baily again. The canines just wanted to play! The kind man at the SPCA took us out to a yard where they could be off-leash. It went pretty well, so I handed him my $100, filled out some papers, and took our new doggy home.

Making herself at home
Baily was so excited to have a car ride home! And when I let her out she headed straight for the back yard to start sniffing around. When my back door opened she helped herself to a tour of the house. This has to be one of the happiest, most confident dogs I have ever met. … She is also totally lacking in manners. Confident that food plates and faces are there for her licking and that furniture (including tables) is meant to be climbed. The word “No” and her name leave her unphased. A squirt bottle filled with water did stop bad behavior, but she so happily walked off to the next thing that I don’t think she even realizes she has been punished.

Not the only dog any more
As much as Leah wants a friend, I do think she was finally getting used to being an only dog. She did take a toy to show Baily, but she was quite put out when Baily got away with bad behaviors such as scattering toys all over the back yard and interrupting a petting session.

Update: Adventures Galore!


Update: January 2, 2016

Leah has developed new medical conditions and Baily is just too “playful” to let her heal. I was determined to get through this puppy phase, but these last several days have had Leah hiding in pain while Bailey runs wild. We have tried more walks and we have tried medication from the vet to help take the edge off of her hyperness. Still, the only way we can even leave the house is if we lock Leah inside and Baily out. I hope the right family adopts her soon. I am so sad that it couldn’t be us.

Miss my little basketball head. (Her nickname because even after 2 months of training, she still jumps on us when we come home. I put my hand up to protect my face from being nipped and it feels like I am dribbling a basketball as her head bounces up and down.)

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