Daisy’s Diary

July 28, 2016 (Day 1 with new family)
Hi, I’m Daisy! I just got my name today. The vet says I am a 4-5 week Great Pyrenees, German Shepherd mix. But I am very little, only 2.9 pounds. New Mommy and the family that helped me find her think there’s some little dog in me too.

The vet also said I have worms. New Mommy makes me drink this yucky white stuff.

It’s not all bad. I get sister Leah, an 11 month old 35 pound Terrier mix. And sister Cheyenne, a real live human teenager!

July 29, 2016 (Day 2 with new family)
Leah left 2 kibbles on the couch for me. Too bad I can’t reach them.

I sleep in Cheyenne’s room because the vet suggested Leah and I not spend too much time together before everybody knows I am healthy. … Cheyenne is not as much fun for 3am breakfast and potty. I taught her though. I’ll teach her … These next couple of days I’m going to disappear under the porch and under the couch where her big old’ human arms can’t reach me!

August 2, 2016
Look at me! Getting so big and strong. Today I went in the sunroom doggy door all by myself! One more door separates me from the air conditioner.

August 3, 2016
Success! Today I have mastered the doggy door that separates the sunroom from the outside. I can go in AND out! I also climbed the doggy door from the sunroom to the laundry. I love our laundry room. Soft blankets on the floor and a/c.

Tonight I get to sleep with The Mommy. I got hold of the iPhone charger. It made me jump a little!

August 4, 2016
You thought the doggy door was cool? Check this out!

I woke up this morning and chased Leah out of Cheyenne’s room and down the hall! My little bladder couldn’t make it outside. The Mommy cleaned up a trail of drips while I had breakfast.

I played big dog games with Leah. I grabbed her by her beard and she couldn’t get away! She tried but I held on tight and got dragged across the floor … until The Mommy made me let loose.

I figure I’m ready for the big dog food now. But I still can’t reach Leah’s bowl, even when I jump really big.