My house smells wonderful!

We may have gone a little overboard in the garden center of our local WalMart the last two weekends. First was an eagerness to plant my first Earthbox. More recently we were drawn in by beautifully fragrant flowers and cute succulents!

I couldn’t resist the beautiful and fragrant hyacinth. I decided to place them in our sunroom last night for protection from the rain. My whole house has smelled AMAZING all day! Especially when we opened the windows to let some fresh air mix with the fragrant blooms.


My daughter has a thing for succulents. We picked up a small variety which I planted around one of the surviving pieces of last year’s Aloe. I wish them luck – neither of us has much of a green thumb. But I know our Aloe did great in this pot last year. That is, until a dog decided to dig it up and divide it into several small pieces.


Another plant that caught my daughter’s attention was this fun columbine flower.