Advertising Disclosure

To help cover the time and money that it takes to run this website, Unfair Mom participates in the following programs:

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program

An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Unfair Mom may receive compensation when you click the affiliate links on this website and continue to purchase . There is no extra cost to you, the purchaser.

Google AdSense Program

Unfair Mom is also a participant in Google AdSense, which pays a small advertising fee in exchange for allowing Google to place ads on this website.

Other Affiliate and Reward Programs

I may participate in other affiliate and reward programs if I find out that a product  I am writing about offers such programs.

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I am always interested in replacing AdSense units with something less distracting!

In 2019, had about 8,400 unique visitors and 10,900 page views. That is an average of 700 visitors and 905 views per month. As this is a fairly low traffic website, advertising fees will be low.

  • Ads cannot be animated, noisy, or otherwise disrupt the web viewing experience.
  • Ads can only link to family-friendly content.
  • Current traffic seems to be focussed on pet safety and kid-friendly crafts.

Advertising fees are based on recent average traffic numbers. The January 2020 price will be:

Top Banner: $10/month, $20/3-months, $35/6-months, $50/year

Side Bar Top: $7.50/month, $12.50/3-months, $20/6-months, $35/year

Side Bar Low: $6/month, $8/3-months, $11/6-months, $17/year