Granny’s Sweet Pepper Relish Recipe

One of my favorite childhood foods! I have been anxious to make my grandmother’s pepper relish recipe for years. I was afraid that I was in over my head. But Granny was right, it was so easy! Ingredients: Makes about 3 pints of sweet pepper relish. 2-3 Onions (preferably sweet, enough to make 3 cups…

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Trying HelloFresh – Meal Review

Yogurt-Marinated Chicken & Garlic Sauce with Lemony Couscous and Chili Roasted Carrots

June 2021 Offer: Save $90 on your first four orders! –  Check the link to see if HelloFresh is still offering this deal! Overall HelloFresh Review Packaging & Delivery: It is convenient to have food delivered to your door, but a delay with UPS had me worried. Our box arrived 26 hours later than expected.…

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Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Young Swiss Chard Plant

This year we are going to try growing some Bright Lights Swiss Chard, a colorful and highly nutritious leafy vegetable. Plant specs: Plant Size: 8 to 24 inches tall, 8 to 20 inches wide Matures: 60 days Spacing: 12 – 24 inches apart Light: Full sun with some shade in the hot part of the…

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Baked tomatoes with onion and cheese

Trying to be less wasteful of food, my family has had these baked tomatoes three times this week. This recipe is totally customizable to meet your taste. Ingredients: 4 Roma Tomatoes 1 Small Onion Salt & Pepper 1 Pinch Italian Seasoning (optional) 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese 1/2 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese I accidentally grabbed “Grated…

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Chicken Giardino – Easier recipe, inspired by Olive Garden

Chicken Gardiano

Two years ago I tried Olive Garden’s Chicken Giardino. This “Grilled chicken and a medley of fresh vegetables, tossed with ruffled pappardelle pasta in a light chicken herb sauce” totally hit the spot! I was delighted to see that Olive Garden actually published the recipe on their website! It has since been taken down. I…

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Chicken Giardino – Olive Garden Recipe

Olive Garden recently removed the Chicken Giardino Recipe from their website! I hope they will put it back soon. In the meantime, I looked for the original recipe and published below. CLICK HERE to see my cheaper, easier, and lower calorie version. Chicken Giardino – Easier recipe, inspired by Olive Garden Original Chicken Giardino Recipe…

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I finally got a new mattress! (Idle Hybrid Review)

I have been sleeping on the mattress that came with my house for almost five years now. It was a nice mattress, but it has officially reached the point of needing to be replaced. I apologize in advance if this post sounds like an advertisement. I’m just so glad that I am happy with my…

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I never knew how much we needed a Bearded Dragon!

My daughter has wanted a pet lizard for years. When she asked about a bearded dragon, I agreed that it would be a good alternative to catching a random lizard outside. But she already had enough to keep up with between school and chores. Plus, we live in a small town with no good exotic…

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