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The convenience of eating out

Not only is eating out a convenient way to nourish your body on a hectic day, eating out is an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family without the stress of trying to come up with a dish everybody can agree on and without adding a new pile of dirty dishes to your…

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Apple Music & Family Sharing

[message_box title=”Dear Apple:” color=”green”]Please revise your policy for purchases made under “Family Sharing” accounts. Just because someone is 18+ years old doesn’t mean they understand or are responsible enough for online purchasing. And just because people are related does not mean they want to share a credit card. [/message_box] I recently signed up for a…

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Project: Home Ownership Explained

“Unfair Mom”, my super-hero alter-ego has always been an independent, successful woman, living in a 3 bedroom house with a nice yard. Real-life “Michelle” has been raising her daughter in an apartment for almost 9 years now. What was supposed to be a short-term housing solution has lasted far too long. Apartment Living Don’t get…

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Rockit Apples (and other premium priced food)

Just in time for the school year, a new item caught my attention at the grocery store. My first thought was “Is that a plum or an apple?” At nearly $5 per pound ($2.99 for a 9.7 ounce package) these apples don’t really fit into my cheapskate ways. As a single mom on a very…

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My 10 year old wants a job!

I started giving my daughter an allowance when she was 2 years old. It was small … $1 per week. She learned early on how to save up for the things she wants. At 4 years old she was saving her dollars and asking to do extra chores for a $9 mirror. Somewhere along the…

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Thank you Sallie Mae!

When I started college almost 7 years ago, a portion of my student loans came from Sallie Mae. For the first year, my grandfather co-signed to get me a nice interest rate of 4.75%. For my second term, I was on my own with an interest rate of over 13% – a significant difference when…

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