Apple Music & Family Sharing

[message_box title=”Dear Apple:” color=”green”]Please revise your policy for purchases made under “Family Sharing” accounts. Just because someone is 18+ years old doesn’t mean they understand or are responsible enough for online purchasing. And just because people are related does not mean they want to share a credit card. [/message_box]

I recently signed up for a 3 month trial Apple Music subscription. Once this trial is up, I can continue for about $10 per month or everybody under my Family Sharing can use it for about $15.

First, I would like to say that I am really enjoying the idea of an Apple Music subscription! About 95% of the songs I have looked for are available. The other 5% are songs I remember from movie soundtracks and childhood toys. ( Like I would really love to hear Teddy Ruxpin’s Lullabies again. )

Next, I would like to say that as much as I like music, I do not listen to it enough to be worth $10 per month. At least not unless I figure out some really good playlists. My daughter listens to more music, but she is content with free radio-based listening options.

I thought the perfect solution would be to invite my mom to join our family sharing. We are on the same family phone plan. She doesn’t listen to much music either, but between the three of us I could see paying $15 per month.

That is when I realized the downside to Apple’s family sharing. We do not see an option for my mom to ask before charging stuff to my credit card, nor do we see an option for her to pay for stuff with her own card after joining my family. She will not want to be on my family plan if she has to worry about the chance of accidental purchases.

This is too bad and I really think Apple should reconsider their policy. … They already have a limit of 6 “family members” so they shouldn’t be too worried about people sharing with a ton of friends. I was looking so forward to some of the aspects of sharing with my mom. The convenience of being able to look up each other’s locations if we have plans to meet somewhere, easily sharing pictures and calendars.

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