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Muffin Frittatas

Frittatas are a convenient, yummy, and budget-friendly breakfast. These muffins are too much work to make just one or two on-demand. But they are excellent if you want to make a batch of something versatile to serve throughout the week. My Go-To Frittata Recipe Ingredients: (Makes 24 muffins, about 120 calories each) 18 Extra Large…

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The convenience of eating out

Not only is eating out a convenient way to nourish your body on a hectic day, eating out is an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family without the stress of trying to come up with a dish everybody can agree on and without adding a new pile of dirty dishes to your…

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Would I really make my kid eat seaweed?

9 yr old and mom's first attempt at making sushi

Would Unfair Mom really make her kid eat seaweed? You bet I would! Nori (roasted seaweed like used in sushi) is supposed to be fairly healthy. When I saw that our small-town grocery store had it and everything else needed to make sushi, I decided this is the perfect time to introduce my 9 year…

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