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Sweet Potato Vine – Ornamental

My daughter’s horticulture class had a plant sale earlier this week. She brought home a lovely mix of Sweet Potato Vines and Coleus 🙂 This is the story of our first sweet potato vines! Plant Specs: Plant Size: Short, but the vines can really spread out! I found one site saying Margarita spreads 48-60 inches…

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Cypress Vine

We got a pack of Cypress Vine seeds in hopes of using these cheerful flowers as a fence cover. … Luckily I read how invasive they can become and decided to instead grow them outside my fence on a tomato cage. Of the 12 seeds planted, 3 made it to be big, healthy vines. I…

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Eggplant – Patio Baby Mini Eggplant

This is the story of my first Patio Baby Mini Eggplant. Plant specs: Plant Size: 10 to 24 inches tall Fruit Size: 2″ – 3″ tall Matures: 45 days Spacing: 24 inches apart Light: Full sun Special Characteristics: I wanted an eggplant for the pretty purple flowers 🙂 I chose the Patio Baby Mini Eggplant…

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Pepper – Islander Bell Sweet Pepper

This is the story of my first Islander Bell Pepper. Plant Specs: Plant Size: 24″ – 36″ tall Fruit Size: 4″ long Matures: 56 days after planting Spacing: 18″ – 24″ apart Light: Full Sun Special Characteristics: I chose this plant for its pretty purple fruit. 🙂 It will be lavender or purple when ready…

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Tomato – Bush Goliath, Hybrid Tomato Determinite

  This is the story of my first Bush Goliath Hybrid Tomato Plant Specs Plant Size: 36″ – 42″ Fruit size: 3″ – 4″, 6-8 oz Matures: 68 days after planting Spacing: 24 to 36 inches Light: Full sun Plant type: Determinate Special Characteristics: This hybrid tomato is supposed to have all of the characteristics I…

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My Plants

Welcome. This page is a running list of the various plants I am growing in my yard. I will link to pages on how to care for each as I learn. At the bottom of the page I will list my unidentified plants for anybody who wants to help me to figure out what was left by…

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