What kind of good doggy do you think Leah is? Best guess wins a prize!

Income Based Repayment for Student Loans

I got an email from FastWeb earlier this week informing me about IBR – Income Based Repayment (and in some cases forgiveness) of student loans. Usually, I ignore such notifications. I looked into this type of stuff when my student loans first went into repayment in 2008. It felt like…

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Toss the tail to the tiger

For my 25th birthday, my best friend and I made our own “pin the tail on the donkey” game out of paper, crayons, and tape. It was SO much fun! A few weeks later, when my daughter turned 5, she wanted to do the same. The game did not meet…

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About UnfairMom

Just another single mom, trying to keep life fun, educational, and affordable. Hi, I’m Michelle, also known as “Unfair Mom”. The nickname was started by my 6 year old, in protest of being told to put on her jacket BEFORE going out to play in the cool February rain. Life…

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