Yummy New Girlscout Cookies – Dulche De Leche and Thank U Berry Munch

It’s that time of year again … Girl Scout Cookie Time!

I have never been too big a fan of Girlscout cookies. We got the sugar free flavors for diabetic family members last year and they were a big disappointment. But with my 7-year-old daughter being a girl scout this year, I had to buy a few boxes. I chose Trefoils, Thank U Berry Munch, and Dulche De Leche. My daughter got herself some thin mints.

The day they came in we eagerly tried the new Thank U Berry Munch cookies. With their “premium cranberries” to provide a “delightful tartness” and their “creamy, white fudge chips” these sounded like a perfect cookie for my taste preferences. They were pretty good, but a little on the dry side. I recommend having a cup of milk or fruit juice close by when trying this new flavor.

A few days later I decided to give the Dulche De Leche flavor a try. We weren’t as excited about it, but I wanted to try them since they were new and the name sounded interesting. The description (with milk caramel chips) made me expect something similar to a dry, crunchy chocolate chip cookie. … These cookies are so good! They have the slight crisp sweetness I expected from Thank U Berry Munch. They were dry, but not as dry – taste fine on their own or with a glass of water. I will definitely be buying 2 more boxes of these when the booths open up!

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