LifeTouch School Pictures – You did good!

Standard Lifetouch school pictures have gotten an upgrade!

This year when I logged in to order my daughter’s school pictures, I saw an option to customize my package. Not only was I able to choose from a small selection of poses and backgrounds, I got to choose what my package consisted of! A custom mixture of prints, CDs, and digital downloads. I chose one large picture for framing, a set of 8 wallets, and one digital download.

Even better? A couple of weeks after my digital download arrived I was able to choose from even more backgrounds! My daughter and I looked over the options last night and chose 3 more digital downloads with backgrounds that complimented her personality and her dress. (A package of 2 downloads plus the free download I earned with previous purchases)

I hope they continue to offer this in Fall and Spring.

Update: I helped my co-worker choose a custom package for her son’s senior pictures. The cap and gown pics had more poses to choose from and some backgrounds that I didn’t notice when choosing my own order. I REALLY hope they still have this kind of selection in a couple of years when it is time to order my daughter’s senior pics!