Bowl sizes: Which is the best?

Today marks 2 years since I moved into my first house! To celebrate, I purchased some lovely white bowls to match the dish set left by previous owners.

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla (made with 2 street taco size tortillas), Red Bell Pepper, Lettuce with Creamy Italian, Charro Beans. Next time I will add carrots with the bell peppers!

I put a lot more thought than you would expect into purchasing my bowls. Should I stick with the square shape of the rest of my dishes? Or give a little shape-contrast by purchasing traditional round? Should they be tall and narrow or short and wide? And what should the capacity be?

I ended up going with the Better Homes and Gardens Small Coupe Bowl/Ramekin Set. They had the 12 ounce capacity I was looking for and their narrow profile wouldn’t take up too much much space in the fridge. Plus they were oven safe! (up to 450 degrees)

These bowls sounded perfect in theory. But in practice, they feel small. So many of the foods I like have a 8-ounce serving size (cereal, milk, cooked pasta). I thought 12 ounces would leave the perfect amount of space for toppings, stirring, and fluffing.

In hindsight, I probably should have gone with the 10 Strawberry Street 6.25″ White Cereal Bowls. Similar capacity, they would have stacked better, and I think they would have felt bigger.

October 2020 Update:

3 years later I am loving my bowls! It would be nice if they stacked better. But it turns out that the 12-ounce capacity is about perfect for meal prep. I make 8 servings of a pasta dish and divide equally between the 8 bowls.