A Pooper-Scooper Birthday!

All day my now 14 year old has taken delight in telling people that I gave her a pooper scooper for her birthday.

Technically I purchased the poop scoop & rake two days before her birthday, on our way home from the orthodontist. But the morning of her 14th birthday was her first time to use it. For her real present I brought in a large roll of bubble wrap and we discussed looking for a second dog vs adding to her schleich collection. We also have some cans of silly string and water balloons waiting for friends to come over this weekend. Slap bracelet rulers will serve as this year’s party favor.

This will be the first year I didn’t plan some fun crafts to keep the kids busy.  I feel a slight sense of loss, but at some point I have to let them do their own thing. If nothing else I assume they will come up with some interesting ways to pop bubblewrap.

For today, we played with silly string in the back yard while we waited on her dad. And we prepared a strawberry cake with lemon frosting that I think she did a good job decorating. I couldn’t find a hair tie, so I wore rollers that the previous owners left in our house.

Excuse me, we are having technical issues. I will finish this post later. Testing, testing 1 2 3