New Year’s Resolution: Wisely use resources within a reasonable timeframe

My mortgage payment recently went up by a whopping $80 per month. It is clearly time to revamp my budget. Phase 1 included taking a serious look at where money is wasted in my household.

I know that one of my flaws is trying to save stuff because once I use it, who knows when or if I will be able to replace it? Looking through the pantry, I found food that expired over a year ago. In my dresser is fingernail polish that has separated and turned the wrong color. I am sure a trip to the craft box would reveal dried out clay and separated paints. This junk has been cluttering my home for so long and I didn’t even realize it was past its prime.

I know it is late, but I have finally come up with this year’s New Year’s Resolution: To use resources within a reasonable timeframe. This may not make a very big difference in the budget. (Other than we will save on food this month as I try to empty out the pantry before we refill with fresh groceries.) But it will reduce clutter which will in turn make me happier at home.

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