Living with Regret

“What is the worst thing you have ever done?” Our pastor asked this today. With so many bad choices in my past, the one that stood out in my mind was trying to obey another parent’s wishes.

How could that be bad you ask? Years ago, my daughter wanted to invite the little girl next door to VBS (Vacation Bible School.) I had a feeling that the girl’s parents would not approve, so I told my daughter to discuss it with them first.

Several months later, the little girl asked “Who is Jesus?” I was shocked that a seemingly intelligent child would ask such a thing. How could she not know? Living here, right next door… HOW? But, I remembered her parents’ wishes to keep their daughter separate from religion. I had the perfect opportunity to share the most amazing news with another human being! And I chose not only to keep my mouth shut, but to discourage my daughter from telling her too.

I am ashamed.

In general, I would tell you that regretting past choices is a waste of time. It took a variety of actions, both good and bad, to shape you into the person you are today. The best you can do is learn from your mistakes and move forward with a determination to do better in the future. Decide to turn yesterday’s mistakes into building pieces for a new and improved you.

I am sorry that I did not have the to tell that little girl when I had the chance. I hope she does learn who Jesus is and that she and her family will find comfort and guidance in the lessons that come with Him. As for me, I am determined to do better when my chance comes again.