Walmart Grocery Pickup

I have waited so long for this. My local WalMart finally offers grocery pickup!

The experience was quick, easy, and I am very pleased! Here is how it worked:

  • I downloaded the WalMart Grocery app to my phone, but you can also shop on a computer at Or, sign up at to save $10 on your first order over $50! I will save $10 on my next order too 🙂
  • I selected my local store for more accurate inventory and added items to my online shopping cart.
  • During the checkout process, I told the app what time I want to pick up my groceries and which items I would not accept substitutions on. Each pickup time is a one-hour window.
  • I paid with my credit card. (5% in reward points for using my WalMart credit card and the walmart app!)
  • WalMart notified me when my order was ready. – The app will even lets you tell them when you are on your way so that they know to expect you!
  • WalMart has designated parking spots for grocery pickup. I pulled in and saw that my phone lost the internet.
    No problem! There was a phone number at the front of my parking spot. And even if there wasn’t, I am sure I could have walked in and told them I was there.
  • I told the lady on the phone my name and where I was parked.
  • Within minutes, two friendly WalMart employees brought out my groceries and a gift bag of samples! (I assume the gift bags were extras either because this was their first day or because I was a new customer.)
  • They loaded my groceries. I signed and was ready to go home less than 10 minutes after arriving!

So what did I like about the Walmart Grocery Pickup experience?

Time saver! I see myself using this service on busy weekends, or when a migraine has me not in the mood to enter a store.

Independence! Arthritis makes it impossible for me to shop for heavy items by myself. (or even for a lot of small items, like canned vegetables)

Substitutions! Apparently the local WalMart was out of my regular, medium size box of dryer sheets. So they upgraded me to a larger box! I also got name-brand Picante sauce. These upgrades were at no extra charge.

Gift bag! I have heard that Walmart Grocery occasionally gives free samples, which I look forward to. I assume the bag they gave me on my first shopping trip was either because I am a new customer or because it was their first day offering grocery pickup at that location. Either way, I am appreciative of the opportunity to try some products I have been curious about! (a tide pod, Downy unstoppable, Meyers body lotion, scrubbing bubbles fresh gel, kiwi shoe wipes, red bull, and Starbucks k-cups)


Trip #2 – 41 Days Later

I am not using this service as often as I thought I would. With Christmas around the corner, my daughter has needed to make several trips to the store for school and club related supplies. And I have been watching for potential Christmas present ideas.

With Christmas just 4 days away, our WalMart is also getting very full of people. We have finished our Christmas shopping and after some unexpectedly high vet bills, I need to save money on this week’s groceries. This sounds like the perfect time to use WalMart Grocery Pickup again!

10 Months Later

Still using WalMart Pickup on a regular basis! The samples are getting scarce. They did give us a single peach a couple of weeks ago. The shoppers do occasionally make mistakes and I am not always happy with the substitutions. But they email me a list of what was out of stock or substituted. It is fairly easy to tell the person loading your car if you don’t want something or to report a problem with your order from the app.

Overall, I am still very happy with the WalMart Grocery Pickup experience! They even do a good job picking produce!

I am also happy to report that they will pick up several non-grocery items for you. I occasionally throw in a random dog toy or office supply.

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