We survived our first driving lesson!

Senior year is just around the corner. And today we started driving lessons!

We are going with the parent taught course from Aceable. … My daughter got her permit last Friday. Today we headed up to the empty parking lot of the football field and went over one of the basics that made me nervous when I started driving – STOPPING!

Of course, we made sure no animals were around the car, adjusted the mirrors, and noticed that she may be a little too tall for my preferred seat setting.  We drove forward and we drove backward. But mostly we practiced the awkward thing that is gently applying and letting up on the brakes.

She did good! (Other than parking near a puddle so my feet had to get wet when we switched seats. lol) I am eager for the next lesson.

Lesson Number Three – She is getting the hang of it!

Parenting fail: It has been five months and we are only on our third driving lesson. Life has been hectic to say the least.

I noticed a significant improvement in my daughter’s driving today! I backed our car out of the driveway and drove a few houses down before switching seats. (Even experienced drivers seem to have difficulty backing down our driveway.)

My daughter drove to the football field. One person passed us, which I am sure was nerve-wracking but she handled it well. We went over some of the basics like checking your surroundings, paying attention to how the car sounds, driving forward and backward. Then we worked on u-turns, remembering to use the turn signal, and turning on the radio while driving. I wasn’t a fan of multi-tasking so early, but it was on the lesson plan. So we did it.

The lesson was short, but there is only so much you can do in a small parking lot. I let her drive home and park the car. She is clearly a beginner, but she did good. 🙂 Next time I want to let her practice more driving on the street.